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Blackhead Removal Tool Kit

Blackhead Removal Tool Kit
Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit Blackhead Removal Tool Kit
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Blackhead Removal Tool Kit (Tools to get rid of blackheads)Blackhead removal tool

Would you like to get rid of blackheads like professional skin therapists do?
The blackhead remover tool is often used in SPA -and beauty salons for professional acne treatments and removal of blackheads. Get yourself the Blackhead Removal Tool Kit and get started with removing those black dots and clogged pores!

Hygienic advice:
Make sure to always keep both your hands and blackhead tools clean, this will prevent infections and acne breakouts. After use: Wash your blackhead removal tools with luke warm water and soap. Afterwards you may also rub them in with an antibacterial liquid.

Advantages of using a Blackhead Removal Tool:
* A blackhead removal tool is more hygienic than squeezing blackheads with fingers.
As you are not spreading bacterias from fingers into your pores, the risk of acne breakouts will decrease

* As soon as you learn the technique of using the blackhead remover tool,
you will notice that it's much easier to get a firm grip on the skin surrounding the blackheads than using your bigger fingers.

Blackhead tool features: The blackhead tool has two different ends, letting you decide what blackhead removal option is best suited for you.

The blackhead removal Tool Kit contains:

  • 5 x Blackhead remover tools
  • Each tool has two usable ends = Total 10 different ways to remove your blackheads
  • The blackhead tools are delivered in an elegant case of black leather (Suitable for both him and her)

Tool to remove blackheads How to remove blackheads with tool

How to use blackhead removal tools:
1) Press the end of the blackhead removal tool around a blackhead
2) Press the blackhead tool gently against our skin. this will cause the blackheads to pop out!

Please note that you will have five different tools, with a total of 10 different ends to chose from. You may need some time fo get the proper technique, but you will soon find your favorite of the ten tools. This is individual preference. Do not push too hard against your skin, this may cause scars! To ease the blackhead popping you may take a hot shower or you may use our Pilaten Black Export Liquid to soften the blackheads and ease the blackhead pop.

Blackhead removal tool kit

Blackhead removal toolkit

Blackhead removal kit

Tools for blackhead removal

Professional blackhead removal tool

Best blackhead removal tools

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Want to get rid of ALL blackheads fast? Try the Pilaten Extreme 3-Step-Series for Blackhead Removal:
1) Pilaten Black Export Liquid: Softens the blackheads, preparing for extraction.
2) Pilaten Black Mask: Stick to the blackheads and pull them all out in an instant - FROM THE ROOT!
3):Pilaten Skin Compact Toner: Closes the cleansed pores, leaving your skin beautiful and silky soft

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