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About Us Customer specialize in effective blackhead removal products.
When you remove blackheads, you're not only getting rid of the black dots on your nose, you remove one of the main reasons for acne breakouts as well.

Our product series is well known in Asia, where the peel off masks for blackhead removal were first invented. The peel off mask for blackhead treatment has gained huge popularity in the western world as well, both in Europe and the united States. The main reason for the popularity of the Black Mask is the fact that you will see with your own eyes how effective this blackhead treatment is, as the blackheads will actually be very clearly visible on the dried flakes of mask that you peel off.

*X-Blackheads 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We keep all products in stock
* Products are shipped the same day
* FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING from our warehouses in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia
* One of the world's most effective blackhead removers
* 100% Money-Back-Guarantee
* Less blackheads = Less acne

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